Statement of Policy

Midlands College of Media boasts a student body and workforce that directly reflect the community in which we operate. We embrace the Equality & Diversity statement and aim to ensure that our policies on vacancy advertising, recruitment and selection, training and development, conditions of service and termination of service are fair, just and not subject to prejudice or discrimination.

 Records kept on employee or student files include information on their racial origin, gender and disability. This information is kept confidentially and used for monitoring purposes only. We review our College Community composition on a regular basis. These reviews help to ascertain areas where improvement can be made to ensure that minority and underrepresented groups in the community can also enjoy and benefit from the services we have on offer at Midlands College of Media.

The Principal of the College is responsible for the effective implementation of the company’s Equal opportunity and equality policy.

Job Vacancy Advertising

Vacancies at the College are advertised in job centre plus. All advertisements made use various media outlets such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, leaflets and the internet as well as job centres, colleges and careers offices. Effort is made to ensure that these adverts are placed in minority press as well as to minority group rolls.

 Recruitment and Selection

The aim of Human Resource department of the college is to have a varied and innovative workforce. The selection process is monitored and reviewed on a continuous basis. The policy on recruitment and selection is such that applicants are considered on their suitability for the job in accordance with job description. Job interviews and decisions on selection are done by a set of personnel. Care is taken to ensure that the various Acts of Parliament such as the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 are adhered to. However, should an instance ever arise as the College expands, where a position may need to be filled by a person of a specific gender; male or female, the College shall indicate this decision. Basically, applicants for a position at the College will not be discriminated against on grounds of disability, sex, race or religious orientation.


The College aims to assess all candidates on equal terms. Our aim is to ensure that our facilities are disabled friendly and that our privileges are extended to everyone who seeks to use our service.

All External Examiners, Moderators and Assessors are made aware of the College’s equal opportunity policy. By this we ensure that there is consistency in the way that our services are provided. Examination papers carry only the Student Identity Number instead of the Students’ Name to enable fair marking and grading.


Irrespective of our varied backgrounds, at Midlands College of Media, we endeavour to speak one common language; English. Members of staff and students address each other in a polite, courteous and respectable manner. In class, students and tutors may engage in discussions that are of relevance to the class exercising some degree of academic freedom of expression. This is within reasonable constraint and is not intended to cause offence to anybody in the class that may have a different view or belief.

Facilities are in place for students that have medical conditions or disabilities known to the College. These facilities also extend to those that may have dependants to look after, for example children, and include flexibility for class and examination periods in compliance with the relevant student rules & regulations.

 Training, promotion and conditions of service-Positive mode

Our policy on recruitment and training is on merit basis only. We ensure that all are accorded an equal opportunity to training, development and promotion. However, further training may be offered to those who have been promoted on merit. There is no discrimination exercised against those with disabilities. All employees of the College are informed of the conditions of service at the time of their joining the College. These conditions stipulate in detail full entitlements which may vary for the new recruits and the experienced.