Midlands College of Media presents one of the best showcases and meeting points for new and emerging talents. Our vision is to show case and promote hidden talents. Midlands College of Media Short Film and Animation Festival presents one of the world’s best-known showcases and meeting points for new and established national & international short film and animation talent

The 2017 competition takes place in Leicester, entry deadline Dec 15th 2017.


  • The competition is open to short films of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, comedy, experimental, artist film from low to high budgets.
  • The primary contact completing the submission process must be authorised to submit the film for consideration including permission from a distributor or sales agent representing the film and must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the films. With this submission, the applicant confirms that they possess all rights necessary for the screening of the submitted film at this film festival.
  • Films must have been completed with a maximum duration of 30 minutes including credits (except for certain awards which require a shorter duration).

Participation Certificate

  • If you participate in short film competition, Midlands College of Media will provide participation certificate.

Data Protection

Before you can submit your film you will be asked to register your contact and film details. These details will only be shared with Midlands College of Media and its authorised partners. Contact from the festival or one of the festival’s submission partners and will NEVER be shared with anyone else.

Submission Fees

  • There is a submission fee to enter your films of £50 (may vary, terms and conditions apply)
  • Midlands College of Media does not have the facility to apply refunds. A separate entry form and additional entry fee is required for each film submission.
  • Discounts and waivers must be sought before the films have been submitted.


For enquiries please contact

Midlands College of Media
Leicester Business Centre
111 Ross Walk
Leicester LE4 5HH
United Kingdom

Tel No: +44 (0) 116 216 6299
Mob No: +44 (0) 794 461 9978
Email: admin@midlandcollegeofmedia.com or competition@mcmstudy.com

Deadlines for Entries

All films completed must be submitted by December 15th 2017 (Subject to date changes)

Award Eligibility

  • During the submission process you will be prompted to select eligibility for certain awards. The award and prize details for this year’s festival will be informed by our festival coordinator.

Foreign Language Films

If the original language of any dialogue or text featured in the film is not English, the preview and screening copy must be subtitled in English.


Selection Process

  • A film’s success is dependent not on its budget or length, but on its core vision and the creativity/efficiency with which it communicates that vision.
  • Successful entrants will be notified on the festival. Those entrants who have not been successful will also receive email notification at this time.
  • All films are viewed by more than one person to be given a non-subjective decision. ALL programming selections are at the discretion of the Short Film and Animation Programme Managers and the final selection is approved by the Festival Director.
  • After selection, notification letters will be sent electronically; please provide an email address that is checked.

Submission Delivery

Screening copies should be sent in packages marked ‘Submission’ addressed to:

Midlands College of Media

Leicester Business Centre
111 Ross Walk
Leicester LE4 5HH
United Kingdom