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Course Overview

What makes a good radio presenter? From getting the script off the page and ad-libbing to music presenting and news reading, you will develop an on air identity, working as live ‘on mic’ each week. What is the course about? Using discussion, exercise and practice to develop an on-air identity. Learn techniques to: write edit and read broadcast text and get it off the page; ad-lib; present with music; read news; interview; make a simple package and work towards making a short feature. What topics will we cover? Presenting, promotion, script reading and writing, ad-libbing, news reading, interviewing and making a short feature.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Establish and build an on-air identity.
  • Read a news bulletin effectively.
  • Conduct a radio interview.
  • Present and produce a package.

Nearly all of our courses have no formal entry requirements, either prior qualifications or experience. We allow people who have missed out on education to fulfil their potential and achieve qualification that will see them succeed forward in their career.

We believe that it is the qualifications and practical experience with which our students leave, rather than those with which they enter, that count.

  • Pre-production techniques
  • Understanding resourcing requirements for production and post-production, locating resources and organising their deployment.
  • Communication techniques in the media sector.
  • Radio researching skills, learning how to cite and reference sources.
  • The organisation and development of the public service and commercial UK radio industry, employment opportunities, working practices, and regulatory structures.
  • Preparing and conducting interviews for a range of media products.
  • Writing scripts for a range of factual radio genres, applying research techniques.
  • Styles, structure, purpose and content of commercials produced for broadcast radio.
  • Factual programme production techniques for radio.
  • Recording and editing a speech package for a specified programme appropriate to a particular audience.
  • Styles, purpose and content of music-based programming on contemporary radio stations in the UK.

College certificate of attendance and the invaluable skills you will take away with you.

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