Step 1 – A fully completed and signed MCM application form

The student must fill in the application form with all the required details, and submit the form to the College electronically or by post. Online applications are also welcome.


Step 2 – Documents Required

  • Photocopies of all academic qualifications and Passport should be notarized in India. In other countries, the document should be attested by an equivalent officer
  • Three passport-sized photographs
  • A 6.0 band of IELTS or equivalent must be provided if English is not the student’s first language.For University affiliated programmes, a 5.5 in all band of IELTS or equivalent is required.
  • Letter of two reference: one reference should be from the last school / college attended or last employer . The second reference should be from a civil servant who has known the student for 5 years.
  • Any other documents that the student feels may support his/her application


Step 3 – Documents Verification and Pre Assessment

The College checks the application to ensure that all relevant documents are enclosed by the applicant. A pre-assessment test is conducted and if the student passes the test, a recommendation is made to the Principal, and the Principal endorses the admission.If rejected, a refusal letter will sent. letter


Step 4 – Admission Confirmatio

The Principal confirms the admission and the file is sent back to the Admissions office. cell.


Step 5 – Issuing an Offer Letter

The Admissions officer will issue a conditional offer letter.


Step 6 – Acceptance from the Student

The student must accept or reject the offer within the stipulated time.


Step 7 – Course Fee Deposit and Financial Evidence

On accepting the offer, the student is expected to pay the course fee as instructed in the offer letter. Financial evidence should be provided as per UKBA guidance.


Step 8 – Issuing Visa Letter

 Once the College receives the course fee and is satisfied by the financial evidence, a Visa Letter will be issued.


Step 9 – Enrolment

The student is expected to inform the College about visa status(whether accepted).If the visa is granted , the registration process has to be completed before the course starts or during the induction week. To complete the enrolment, the following documents should be submitted to the Admissions Office.

  • Original admission documents
  • Original qualifications
  • Passport Copy and Visa Copy (UK Entry clearance)
  • Birth Certificate or statutory declaration of age
  • Provide all other details required at enrolment
  • Address in UK / Contact Details in UK / Next of kin in UK
  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • 2 Passport Size Photographs